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Ciampino Airport parking is handled in just one large car parking facility holding up to 2,000 cars. The airport is fairly small, which is why there are less car parking spaces available than at Rome’s other airport, Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport.

Long and short term parking at Ciampino Airport is within a short walk of the passenger terminal. The single parking area is designated for short term parking with the initial 15 minutes being free of charge for motorists. There’s usually no need to reserve for this part of the airport’s car park.

Long term parking is located in a different, secure area of the car park. Motorists can reserve space in advance on the official website

The first full hour is charged at EUR 1.25. Parking for up to 3 hours is charged at EUR 3.00 per hour and EUR 1.00 thereafter. A day of parking costs EUR 6.20 for 24 hours. The first four days of long term parking cost EUR 18.00, but from the fifth day onwards this reduces to just EUR 8.00.

Payments can be made via credit card at the exit barriers, where American Express, Diner’s Club International, Visa and MasterCard are accepted, however, only motorists with parking fees totally EUR 250.00 or less can pay in this manner. For larger parking fee amounts, drivers must seek out a member of staff at the relevant pay points. There are also automated payment points that accept cash.

For frequent travellers a Repark Card may be the best option. The minimum payment for charging up the card is EUR 100. When the card is first obtained from the staffed pay points, a small administrative fee is charged as a one-off payment.

Off-airport parking is also available for motorists. Such spaces can be pre-booked over the internet and after parking the car, drivers can take a shuttle bus to the airport to the arrivals zone of the terminal. Such car parking facilities are available via Parking Blu, My Parking and Park to Fly. An undercover car park is also available via Altaquota Parking and Desi Autoservizi. All include a shuttle bus back to the terminal’s arrivals and departure zones. The daily rate starts from EUR 4.50 in these parking facilities.

Disabled motorists will find 8 parking spaces in total. Of these, 6 spaces are located opposite the International Airport terminal and 2 are located close to the General Aviation terminal. Disabled motorists are not charged a parking fee, but must be able to display the original copy of their disabled parking permit.

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