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Customers wishing to reserve car rental prior to their arrival in Rome, Italy’s capital, should contact Locauto Rent Ciampino Airport either by telephone on tel +39 06 659 59475 or by going online to their website at

The airport is connected to Rome and the rest of the Lazia region via the Greater Ring Road (GRA = the Grande Raccordo Anulare), the A90/E80 motorway surrounding Rome.

Locauto rental station is located close to the entrance of the airport complex by the main access road Via Mario Mameli at car park P8. A free shuttle bus links the terminals and P8, leaving at regular intervals throughout the day. Rental cars should be returned to the P8 car park at the end of the rental period.

Tivoli is just a short drive from Rome and truly amazing. Villa Adriana or Hadrian’s Villa is one of the many highlights on a trip to Rome. This stunning archaeological site is enormous and was once the estate where Emperor Hadrian had a gigantic palace erected in his honour. There once was a theatre, a stadium, several libraries, water features, thermal baths, underground supply tunnels and lots of servants’ quarters for the many people who had to wait hand and foot on the Emperor and his court.

The site is so large that it can take at least half a day to see everything, so visitors should make this a day trip, because Tivoli also is the home to Villa d’Este, famous for its wonderfull gardens and amazing 100 m waterfall.

Locauto Ciampino Airport can provide a large number of car types at competitive prices. Small cars like the Fiat Panda or the Twingo are ideal for driving in Rome, where car parking space come at a premium and traffic can be congested. These cars can be found in Group B.

The Fiat Punto, Renault Clio, Volkswagen Polo and similar cars of that size can be found in Group C, while cars like the Lancia Musa, Volkswagen Golf and Renault Megane are in Group D.

Optional extras such as baby seats or GPS must be paid for in addition to the rental fees quoted in each group. Cancellations must be sent by email to within 48 hours before the rental commences. Unfortunately, a cancellation charge of EUR 50.00 will be charged. Late pick-ups will not be refunded and returning the car late will incur further rental fees.

In Group F customers will find the Audi A3 with an automatic shift, ideal for business travellers driving in Rome to attend a conference or trade fair. In the E class customers will find cars like the Mercedes Benz A, the Skoda Yeti and Opel Meriva, all of which can seat at least 4 passengers and have room for 3 items of luggage in the boot.

The Locauto Group was founded in the 1970s and has build up a chain of rental stations throughout Italy, specialising in long-term rental with the parent group Locauto Spa and in short-term car rental with Locauto Rent. Rental stations are located at international and budget airline aviation hubs.

For more information or to make a reservation, please visit Locauto car hire Rome Ciampino Airport at their official website at

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