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Getting To Rome Ciampino Airport By Taxi

Rome Ciampino Airport taxis can be found at the taxi rank just outside the arrivals terminal.

An average journey with Ciampino Airport taxis into Rome’s city centre will cost between EUR 30.00 to EUR 40.00. Passengers travelling to destinations within the Aurelian Walls will be charged around EUR 30.00 for the trip.

Travelling from Ostiense Station to Ciampino will cost around EUR 30.00 and passengers making the journey from Tiburtina Station to the airport will be charged at EUR 35.00.

Taxis Rome Ciampino Airport also transfer passengers to the city’s other important aviation hub Leonardo da Vinci Fiumcino Airport. A single journey will cost around EUR 50.00. The tariffs are set by City of Rome municipal officials. Costs already include luggage and up to 4 passengers per airport taxi.

Each licenced airport taxi carries a taximeter which will charge for destinations other the fixed ones mentioned above and will add a fee for luggage. Passengers should avoid taxis which are cruising the airport compound touting for business and do not carry the official City of Rome colours and markings. Official airport taxis are white and carry an illuminated “TAXI” sign on the top of the car as well as displaying a licence number on their doors, their back and on the inside of the car.

Low cost options like shuttle transfers can be booked in advance online. A single journey with a shuttle can be as little as £19.00 for one person.

A private transfer with driver and door to door service, where the driver meets the passenger personally at the arrivals zone is a good option for people who do not speak Italian and are nervous about taking the bus. Privacy is also guaranteed, as the shuttle service will only be for the one traveller who has booked the private car. From the airport to the city centre, say to a hotel for example, the shuttle fare will be just over EUR 54.00 and the journey will take ca. 45 minutes.

A private car service for one to three passengers will typically cost around EUR 61.00 and for 4 to 5 passengers the fare will be around EUR 77.00. A minibus for six to eight passengers will cost around EUR 92.00.

Taxis Ciampino Airport are limited to carrying just four passengers and there’s only space in the boot for three suitcases. The tourist information point at the International Passenger zone of the terminal can give information about standard travelling costs for taxi journeys into central Rome. Within the city taxi drivers have a reputation for hiking up prices and trying to cheat tourists who do not speak Italian. It is therefore a good idea to book a taxi service in advance or to obtain pricing information at the tourist information stand.

The standard, flat fee charges of EUR 30.00 quoted by the tourist information point apply only to journeys from the airport to destinations within the Mura Aureliane, the Aurelian Wall that delimitates the city’s core.

Rome Ciampino Airport
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